5 simple Ways to Increase the Speed of Your Computer and Laptop!



In today’s digital age, we do all the work on the computer. In such a situation, if the computer runs too slow, our work will be greatly affected. With some software in the computer we are not able to do our job at the right time, at good speed. If your computer or laptop slows down or restarts frequently.

Here are some tips to fix it,
  1. It is very important to have free space in the computer. If your computer’s hard disk becomes full, the computer will take longer to process the data. It is very important to free up space on the hard disk from time to time. You can save some frequently used data on your computer to an external hard drive. This will free up space on your hard disk and make your computer run faster.
  2. Uninstall Unwanted Programs there is a lot of software on the computer just for testing. This software will open every time we open Windows. These programs use your computer’s RAM and processor. This slows down your computer. You can uninstall such software. For this go to Control Panel and go to Program & Feature where the software will be. Click on it to uninstall.
  3. Disable Start-up Programs. As mentioned earlier some start-up programs turn on as soon as we turn on the computer and slow down. To disable these, you need to press the “ctrl + alt + delete” button on the key board, open the Task Manager, go to the startup tab and disable unwanted programs.
  4. Stop Visual Effects Visual Effects are the main reason for the slowdown of Windows 7, 8, 10. When we buy a computer or laptop, we do not focus on graphic memory. We are talking about RAM and hard disk. But the visual effect is a very important aspect. To turn it off,
    • Go to Control Panel and search in the search box on the left.
    • Click again on appearance and performance of window.
    • Then click on custom, show thumbnails of choice, smooth edges of screen font, smooth scroll list boxes and save it.
  5. Reinstalling Windows If you still do not see any changes on your computer after doing the above, you can reinstall Windows on your computer. This is because the computer may have slowed down due to a virus. Some viruses cannot be removed by anti-virus software. At such times we may need to install a new Windows on our computer.

Mohan Subramanian

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