Multiple Device Login and Chat Search New Features on Whatapp


WhatsApp is testing two new features, some of which can be found in the latest beta update, found by WABetaInfo for beta development on both Android and iOS. Many of these new features include device login, delete chats and advanced search functionality for chat searches.

Multiple Device Login

The most interesting feature of this is the login feature on multiple devices, which can be a favorite of many. WhatsApp for everyone using this WhatsApp service across multiple sites / devices will make the site simple and welcome to everyone.

Currently, you can login to a mobile device and PC / Mac web browser at the same time. You can swap between these but you can only login one at a time.

WABetaInfo points out that WhatsApp is testing multiple device logins with four devices at the same time; however, this support is not encountered by users within WhatsApp beta builds.Four devices are not as good as some other chat platforms like Telegram, but of course, they are better than the existing two device range.

Chat Search By Date

In addition, upcoming features include the improvement of chat searches. WhatsApp works to create a feature that allows you to bring up the search by date option if you want to search for your current conversations and group chats. This will help you find specific conversations and media information you’re looking for in a chat.

WABetaInfo’s screenshots show the iOS version of the updated chat searches, but it’s also expected to come to the Android beta soon. Not only that, WhatsApp is also working to allow you to search for messages on the Internet – you can only do this on mobile now.

It also enhances the storage utility feature that allows users to see how much storage is stored on your smartphone from media saved from WhatsApp. This is a complete overhaul of the current section providing storage information. There are many more.

Future updates on WhatsApp will help users clear entire chats and keep starred messages only. This is an improvement on the current Clear Chat option, which currently removes all conversations from chat.

All of these features are currently in testing process and will be released gradually.

Mohan Subramanian

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